video sequence using altercate movies clip from philippe de broca "l'homme de rio" (1964), transformed by a re-take process on tv monitor with a basic dv camera. Music The Boyz From Brazil, ¡Ya Basta! Records (1999 )

Collaborative piece with the Australian dancer Holly Durant, this short dance film is based on Holly’s choreographic gesture and improvisation performance, interacting with light and space. Filmed in 2012 during a residency at Performing Art Forum / Costumes & Set Design : Rob Mc Credie

Rayuela / this film was conceived as a tribute to the experimental filmmaker maya deren and is haunted by the OuLiPo spirit. With Luna Cohen Solal / DOP : Brice Pelleschi / Costume designer : Marguerite Lantz / Editor Jerome Pey

Video screened on-stage, gotan project, tango 3.0 tour (p) & © 2011 ¡Ya Basta! Records

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